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Security Code

Security code is used to increase the speed of hacking process. It is optional for you to enter the Security Code into the hacking form.

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 security code how to hack a Facebook account

Security code makes hacking process run faster i.e once you submit your hacking request, it will be processed immediately.

Without security code, you can still start the hacking process but you need to wait for at least 100 seconds because your request is placed on queue. There are many many hacking requests sent before yours.

Security code just gives you a hand to increase the speed of the hacking process. Do not contact us to ask why you dont get the password even when you pay 1$ for the code.

Do not pay you cash if you cannot understand what a security code can do.

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If you do not use security code, you need to be patient enough to wait until your turn because your hacking request is placed on queue. If you want a instant service, you should get a security code.

Security Code is a type of paid code i.e you need to pay $1 with Paypal or send a mobile SMS to get it.

To purchase a security code, in the hacking form please click on “Help” button (see picture below).

how to get a security code

Then click on “BUY A SECURITY CODE” button.

Now choose to pay with Paypal or a SMS as you prefer.


When you choose to pay with Paypal, you will be linked to Paypal page. Then you can pay $1 with your Paypal account or Credit/Debit card.

By this way, you need to pay $1.52 which is higher than the original amount because of the Paypal taxes.

Once the payment is completed, Paypal will display a link, go to the link to get the security code. If you miss the link, please send us a message; we will confirm your payment and send you the code via email. Please make sure that you give us the correct Paypal address, so we can locate your payment among others.


When you choose to pay with a sms, the system will automatically locate you country, you need to enter exactly your phone number.

Then you will be instructed how to text the message and send it. Once you send the message, a message with the verification code will be replied to you.

Come back to our site and verify your request to get the security code.  The verification code is not the security code, so do not use it as a security code, you will fail.

The cost of a message may vary because of your country’s network provider.

And now, enter the security code you have purchase into the hacking form to start hacking on spot.

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The Free Security Code (FSC) is Free.

Follow our instruction and do it, you can get the FSC immediately. If you want to get a FSC, you need to click on Facebook Like button, or click the Google +1, or send a Tweet on our sponsored website.

– In the hacking form, click on the link “Show/ Hide how to get code”.

– Then choose the “GET A FSC” button in green, the “GET THE FSC” button will be displayed; by clicking you will be redirected to a 3rd party site where you need to do something for us in exchange for the FSC. There are 2 steps you need to go through.

– Click on “STEP 1″, let’s see, there are 3 choices for you to get the code: Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Please take your choice!

For example, you want to use Facebook as the method to get the FSC.

– Choose “I WILL CLICK FACEBOOK”, then just login to your Facebook account and click all 4 buttons “Like” and “Share”. Once you complete, click “CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE” to move to step 2.

– In this step, there are 2 more buttons, you need to do the same as in the first step. At the end, click “CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE” to get the FSC.

The process of getting the FSC by using your Google+ and Twitter account is similar.

Once you have the Free Security Code, go to the hacking form on our site to start hacking an account. By entering a FSC, you confirm that you are human and we will process your hacking request after few seconds because your request will be placed on queue. You need to wait until your turn.

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Security code only helps you speed up the hacking process. Getting the Security code does not mean you will get the final password. Getting the Security code does not guarantee that you can decrypt UFD2 Hash password successfully.

Please kindly understand what a Security code can do before spending your money.

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