Why does it keep saying the session has expired?

When you start decrypting the hash password using our UFD2 Decrypt Tool, you may get this error: “Session expired”. Someone even told us that his has tried again 3-4 times and still no luck.

Here is why:

– You have hacked the account but you do not login to your account on our site. You have got a session at that time. When you login to your account on our site, that session does not exist anymore because the site has created a new session for you when you login. Therefore, you will get the error that the session has been expired.

– You do not follow the hacking process from the beginning. We then make your session expired.

– We detect that you are trying to break our hacking process, then we temporary disable your hacking session.

– You connect to our site, but through a proxy server. The proxies servers do not and cannot have session on our site and the hacking process has been stopped.

– You are using old version of browser / Or you are using Internet Explorer. We recommend you to use Firefox or Chrome.

So, to resolve this error, please follow the steps below to hack an account:

– Bookmark our website (Ctrl + D), so later you can go to our site more easily.

– We recommend you to use Firefox or Chrome, instead of Internet Explorer, to hack a Facebook account

– Clear your browser cache. Close your browser. Open it again. Open your bookmarks, visit our website from your bookmarks.

– Make sure that you dont use proxy. Now, login to your account on our site.

– Go back to home page, start hacking the account you want to hack.

– Follow the instruction on the screen to hack the account. Make sure to copy the UFD2 Hash password of 32 characters in red.

– Continue with the instruction, click on the button on the screen to go to the UFD2 Decrypt Tool.

– Paste the UFD2 Hash string into the form, you can then decrypt the UFD2 password without problem.

Note: if the error still occurs, let us know via email, we will help you remotely.

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